Cyclical Language Learning

for language teachers & learners

A mini-course that goes deep into cyclical language learning. From what cyclical learning is to the different biological rhythms that impact learning, this course combines explanations with self-reflection and practical tools and practices you can use in your classes or your own language learning practice.

What you'll get

  • Live 2-hour group call

  • Recording of the call in case you can't make it

  • Reflective workbook.

  • Lifetime access to the materials

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Starting point
    • Introduction
    • Reflective worbook.
  • 2
    • Demystifying fast paced learning
    • The truth about productivity and language learning
    • Fluency: What nobody talks about
  • 3
    Slow learning: What it is, implications...
    • What is "slow-paced learning" and advantages of of a slow approach to learning.
  • 4
    Internal & External Rhythms
    • Biological Rhythms
    • Aligning Cycles
  • 5
    Spiral Learning
    • Deep dives
    • Being still
  • 6
    Remembering. Relearning
    • The ecology of language learning
  • 7
    How to implement. Practical Cases. Examples. Tools. Techniques.
    • For 1:1
    • For groups
    • How to create cyclical language learning programs?