Ser or Estar, that is the question

For the most part of my over 15 years of teaching Spanish,  the question of when to use "ser" or "estar" has been a regular one. From beginners to advanced students of Spanish, all of them share the misconception that "ser is for permanent things and estar for temporary ones". And while they are not entirely wrong, that sweeping statement often leads to mistakes and hands thrown in despair. 

There is more to those two verbs than that.

However, it's not complex. The difference between "ser" and "estar" is related to a mindset, to the Spanish point of view. This mindset is what I share in this audio course that you can take with you on your walks.

Why this course is special

  • Cyclical & Spiral Learning

    Have access to ALL the grammar there is about SER and ESTAR in Spanish. Immerse yourself in the content which has been created to be easily digestible by learners of any level.

  • Relevant & Embodied

    The grammar explanations always aim to conjure images in the learner to make the rules make sense. The introspective writing prompts include the grammar points but connect them to the learner, making them relevant and, therefore, facilitate the learning.

  • Emotional Learning

    No emotion, no learning. The content of this course is designed to evoke emotions in the learner so that it "sticks".

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Ser vs Estar: The Mindset
    • Audio lesson
  • 2
    Companion Workbooks
    • Workbook 1 - Esencia y Circunstancia
    • Workbook 2 - Sentimientos: Causa y Efecto
    • Workbook 3 - No es lo mismo ser que estar
  • 3
    • Pre-recorded Q&A Group Call