Facts or subjective opinions?

It all depends on the color of the glass you're looking through

However, it's not so easy to discern what it is an objective fact and what it is a subjective statement because the colour of the glass through which your need to look has very much to do with cultural mindset, in this case, the Spanish mindset—the Spanish point of view.

If you struggle to decide when you need subjunctive or indicative in Spanish, this mini-course is what you need.

Why this course is special

  • Cyclical & Spiral Learning

    Have access to ALL the grammar there is about the Past Tense in Spanish. Immerse yourself in the content which has been created to be easily digestible by learners of any level.

  • Relevant & Embodied

    The grammar explanations always aim to conjure images in the learner to make the rules make sense. The introspective writing prompts include the grammar points but connect them to the learner, making them relevant and, therefore, facilitate the learning.

  • Emotional Learning

    No emotion, no learning. The content of this course is designed to evoke emotions in the learner so that it "sticks".

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Why do we need the Subjunctive?
  • 2
    The Mirror Effect - That's not a fact
    • Introduction + The Mirror Effect
    • Video Transcription
    • Workbook
  • 3
    A Matter of Perspective
    • A matter of Perspective
    • Video Transcription
    • Workbook
  • 4
    It's All About the Nuances
    • It's all about the Nuances
    • Workbook
    • Video Transcription
  • 5
    Dance between tenses and time
    • Introduction
    • Presente
    • Perfecto (Pretérito Perfecto)
    • Pluscuamperfecto
    • No correlation between Indefinido / Pretérite in Subjunctive. Why?
    • Imperfecto
    • Summary
  • 6
    Group Class
    • Group Class